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   TARSAN AGRICULTURAL AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY ,  Before starting production, he was doing the maintenance and repair works of cold welding and agricultural machinery. In those years, we were pleased to serve the farmer as we do now, and we did not compromise on quality in our work. In this sector where we work as three brothers, all our efforts and efforts were to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront without compromising on quality. As the days passed, our horizons expanded and our dreams grew. In 1998 , we established TARSAN AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY INDUSTRY TRADE IMPORT EXPORT LIMITED COMPANY . By increasing the number of machinery and equipment required for production, we adopted the principle of honesty in our services and accelerated our way with our vision of customer satisfaction. In the first stage, we started production with 23 ZIPPER MOWER. Later on, we produced the GRASS AND SAPPHIRE COLLECTING rake , which was previously purchased from Russia, locally within our body. We increased the number of production day by day and expanded the product range. Every product we produce is of higher quality than the machines imported from abroad, and customer satisfaction has been at a high level. Our company increased its workplace production area and capacity in 2010, in MALAZGİRT district of MUŞ province,  2.000 m² closed and 10.000 m²  to the open field  took it out. As TARSAN AGRICULTURAL AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY, we always aim for the best and more production, and in the near future 1000 m² in KONYA  machining with production area  We opened our branch.


With our dealers located in many points of our country  We deliver our products and services to our farmers. We are on the way to become an international company by adding added value to our country's economy and raising the image of our brand with our direct and indirect exports.


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With the power we derive from our 30 years of experience and history, we provide 100% domestic production in our company and meet our farmers with advanced technology agricultural machines produced in European countries, and  is to sell to all countries of the world.

our vision

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To provide a service focused on customer satisfaction without sacrificing quality and technology in production, and to be a brand that customers and farmers can trust.

Our Mission

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